First Time Rebranding Project as a Strategist

Nan Oo
2 min readMar 20, 2021



I will never forget my First time rebranding project for B360 Marketing Consulting Firm. For me, 2020 was a year with unpredictable changes. I quit my job at Digital Dots Creative Agency and joined B360 Marketing Consulting Firm.

At that time B360 is just a startup agency with Hubspot Certified Partnership Badget on their website. Agency is changing the management level and levering its position to the next step. As you have known, there are more than 100+ digital marketing agencies in Yangon including small, medium, and agency networks or groups like Mango. The marketing agency industry, especially the digital marketing industry is a red ocean and the rooms are fully reserved.

B360’s Original Logo

My boss, William is finding a way to differentiate from the crowd. I found that global agencies’ branding and storytelling are way more beyond posting a Facebook or LinkedIn post on their accounts. And I noticed that our agency’s identity (brand identity) and storytelling are not engaging enough to be remembered among our target audiences’ level.

So I decided to rebrand our agency’s identity. But talk is cheap and showing the result is very hard. I was spending many hours researching and crafting stories for rebranding projects.

After diving into rebranding case studies, market research, and small interviews, I have worked with my designer for a brand new logo. (In this case, I didn’t know anything about brand strategy workshops and processes.)

B360 Logo First Version (Rebranding Project)

I have tried to get approval from my Boss. But unfortunately, the design is too simple and he said even a newbie can make this design. Plus I haven’t crafted a story to sell my idea. So I retreated from Boss’s room with rejections.

Then I was thinking why he didn’t trust my logo design. I have stared at my design and stopped working for 20mins. In the meantime, I have remembered Behance, the place where I go for idea inspiration.