Nan Oo
2 min readSep 6, 2019


One fine sunny morning, our creative team is brainstorming about how to shift the engagement gear of the office tower page. During the meeting, a copywriter is drinking coffee and the smell of the coffee stimulates our creative souls. Then we shout to each other. “Write that down!” “Write that down!”. After writing copy and making a design based on the idea of coffee and office space culture, Boom! This is the result.

The result is Insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It goes viral for one week among people. Look at these numbers. It is 100% organic. ( Honestly, paid reach is only 5.6K ).

Our audiences start discussing their office and coffee culture. This was the best engaging post for the office tower.

Normally the office tower’s social media executives are struggling with creating engaging content because of the nature of the industry. But we, Digital Dots’ social media team found a way to engage with the audiences.

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If you are thinking about the best way to engage with people, we would like to say that your content should come from people’s experiences, not from your brain.