I Bought My First Guitar.

Nan Oo
2 min readJul 5, 2021


Nan Oo’s First Guitar | I Bought My First Guitar
Nan Oo’s First Guitar

Yes. I have just bought it today.

I learned how to play guitar since I was 16. But after 7 years, I have got my First ever owned guitar. This guitar is not an expensive one. It costs 33,000 Ks. But this becomes everything to me. This is my pre-birthday present to myself. This is my first guitar. This is my self-reward prize during the difficult time.

I bought my first guitar from Phan Mee Eain, a small guitar shop. The small guitar shop from Monywa is actually not a guitar shop. It is a sports shop. But they are selling guitars as a side hustle.

If my friends hear that I didn’t have a guitar last seven years, they will be shocked. Everyone thinks I have my own guitar and practice in my free time to improve my guitar skills. Actually, I was borrowing my friends’ guitars to train myself. I do want to own a guitar but my parents didn’t allow me to buy anything when I was a child.

When I was a child, I didn’t have enough confidence to buy things myself. I relied on my mother to decide whether to buy clothes or trousers. I didn’t have any desired things in my childhood life. I thought I was a good child. And without asking anything to parents seemed the right way to me. Maybe I haven’t grown old with my father and spent my childhood with my mom and grand mom. Because they prefer doing everything for me instead of letting me do the things. I know they love me so I don’t blame my mom and grandmom.

But when I grow older, I realized that depending on myself is better than relying on others. Because the more you make decisions, the more confidence you get in yourself. Now I know the taste of making buying decisions. What are your childhood memories with buying decisions? Let me know in the comment.

FYI > I am fixing my brand new guitar now because it is broken. XD